Curved Glass

Low-E / Selective Coatings


Low-E - Crislan®, is a curved double-glazing with a low emissivity coating on one of its glass surfaces (always facing the air/gas cavity), reaching exceptionally low overall heat transfer coefficients (U-value). While the most of the solar radiation short wavelength goes through the glass, the Low-E reflects to the inside the most of the long wavelength radiation generated by heaters among others.

The U-value for a regular 12mm (1/2”) air cavity IGU equals 2.80 W/m2K (0.48 BTU/(h °F ft”)). When adding a hard Low-E coating, the U-value improves dropping down to 1.4 W/m2K (0.246 BTU/(h °F ft”)). If the coating used is a high selectivity one, the U-value can reach 1.0 W/m2K (0.176 BTU/(h °F ft”)). This value would be reduce to almost half in triple glazed units using two coatings. The lower the U-value, the higher the efficiency in slowing down heat exchange at both sides of the glazing.

Not all the coatings can be bent butt hanks to the latest advances in both, new generation of coatings along with innovation in curved annealing and toughening ovens, Crislan® Low-E offers nowadyas a broader range of low emissivity glazing solutions, being able to reach U-values as low as those found in the flat glass industry.



General Details

MAXIMUM DIMENSION: 3200 X 10000 mm  /  126" X 394"
MINIMUN DIMENSION: 400 X 600 mm  /  16" X 24"

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