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Curved Annealed - Crisunid®

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Curved annealed glass is manufactured by slowly heating flat glass up to the softening temperature (around 550ºC) when the glass starts slumping by gravity on the customised mould.

Once the desired geometry has been achieved, the slow cooling of glass starts. Known as “annealing”, it is a key phase as it determines the visual quality and structural properties of the final product.

Curved annealed glass has become common in the everyday architecture. Its versatility helps finding the proper answer to architects concepts and design needs, allowing for all sort of shapes (single radius, J-shapes, U-shapes, double curvature, spherical geometries, undulated sections, twisting shapes, etc.) combined with coatings (solar and low-E) and ceramic frits.

Diagram showing the
manufacturing process of
curved glass.

General Details

• Some soft (magnetronic) and all hard (pyrolithic) coatings can be used. Feasibility depends mainly on radius, thickness, aspect ratio and shape. Generally, the coating be maintained in the same face independently whether the panel is concave or convex. For further information on coatings feasibility, please contact us.

• Slow bending process with long heating up and cooling down (approx. 5 to 8h). 

• Wide range of compositions and thickness combination available.

• Ceramic frits can be used, and on any face, although never in contact with coatings.

• Coloured and printed PVB.

• High security interlayers.

• Remarkable optical quality resulting from precise and slow slumping.

• High control of tolerances with minimal edge off-setting.

• Low post-bending residual stress.

• Breakage occurs in large parts, having post-breakage structural behaviour when laminated.

• PVB and SentryGlas can be used, normally 0.76mm or thicker.  


DIMENSION: 10000 X 3200 mm / 394” X 126”

(For larger dimensions, please contact us )


Minimum radii according to glass thickness