Curved Glass

One way vision


Chromascreen - Cridecor® is a decorative architectural glass, flat or curved, with a black and white double-sided screen-printed dot pattern. The result is a one-way vision effect.

Cridecor® Chromascreen is available for annealed, toughened or heat strengthened glass.

Double-sided Black and White Print


General Details

• One-way vision effect
• Daylight transmittance: 34%
• Shading coefficient (SC): 0.43
• Solar factor (SHGC): 0.38 (can be improved by adding a solar control coating)
• U-Value*:
- Laminated glass: 5.7 W/(m2*ºK); Imperial 0.98BTU/(hr*ft2*ºK)
- Insulated glass: 2.8 W/(m2*ºK); Imperial 0.48BTU/ (hr*ft2*ºK)
- IGU + Low-E + Argon: 1.0 W/(m2*ºK); Imperial 0.17BTU/ (hr*ft2*ºK)

* Metric U-Values / factors are defined as Watts per square meter per degree Celsius. To convert metric U-Values to Imperial inch-pound U-Values, divide by 5.678.


               GEOMETRY OF DOTS