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Dual Frit Black on White

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Chromascreen - Cridecor® is a decorative architectural glass with a dual screen-printed dot pattern, black on white with perfect registering. The complex part of its manufacturing method lies on achieving a perfect matching of the dual printing process which becomes feasible thanks to the use of state-of-the-art silk screening equipment.

Cridecor® Chromascreen is available in the following glass types:
• Flat toughened or heat strengthened
• Curved annealed, toughened or heat strengthened.

In this case, the thermal treatment will depend on the project specific requirements. In curved glass, unlike to what happens in flat glass where toughening or heat strengthening is a must to bake the ceramic frit onto the glass surface, we can have a dual frit in a curved annealed make up. The bending process we are submitting the black & white printed dots to, at around 600ºC, takes care of the baking of the frit.

Dual Frit Black on White


General Details


• One-way vision effect

• Daylight transmittance: 34%

• Shading coefficient (SC): 0.43

• Solar factor (SHGC): 0.38 (can be improved by adding a solar control coating)

• U-Value*:
- Laminated glass: 5.7 W/(m2*ºK); Imperial 0.98BTU/(hr*ft2*ºK)
- Insulated glass: 2.8 W/(m2*ºK); Imperial 0.48BTU/ (hr*ft2*ºK)
- IGU + Low-E + Argon: 1.0 W/(m2*ºK); Imperial 0.17BTU/ (hr*ft2*ºK)

* Metric U-Values / factors are defined as Watts per square meter per degree Celsius. To convert metric U-Values to Imperial inch-pound U-Values, divide by 5.678.


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