Curved Glass

Screen Printing


Screen Printing - Cridecor® is curved glass with a custom screen-printed pattern. The pattern is applied with a silk-screen or as a ceramic frit on a flat piece of glass before the curving process.

During the high-temperature curving process, the print or frit is fixed onto the glass and the result is a curved glass with the desired design. An extensive range of colours and designs are available, offering full freedom of artistic and design expression.


1. Screen Printed Glass
2. PVB
3. Glass

General Details

• Extensive range of colours available
• Design freedom
• Highest quality and precision in silk-screen production
• Available in annealed, toughened and heat strengthened curved glass

DIMENSION: 3200 X 10000 mm  /  126" X 394"
(For larger dimensions please contact us )



Curved annealed: enamel on any face, either concave or convex 

Curved toughened or HS: enamel always on concave surface