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Screen Printing

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Screen Printing - Cridecor® is a curved enamelled glass where the frit pattern is applied by means of a silkscreen on a flat glass ply. The process consists of screen-printing a bespoken pattern or simply full frit (spandrel applications) on one of the surfaces of the flat glass panel, applying one or more passes, using one or more colours by repeating the process.

Before proceeding with the bending (annealing, tempering or heat strengthening) the paint has to be dried out . With the bending of the panel at around 600ºC, the ceramic frit gets vitrified becoming now part of the glass itself allowing for silicone structural glazing on this treated surface.

In curved glass, unlike to what happens in flat glass where toughening or heat strengthening is a must to bake the ceramic frit onto the glass surface, we can have curved annealed panel enamelled. During the slumping process we are submitting the frit to high temperature (600ºC) which vitrifies the frit applied.



1. Screen Printed Glass
2. PVB
3. Glass

General Details

• Extensive range of colours available (preferable RAL chart to be used)
• Any substrate (clear float, low iron or bodytinted glass)
• Design freedom
• Highest quality and precision in silk-screen production
• Available in annealed, toughened and heat strengthened curved glass.
• Curved toughened & heat strengthened:frit on concave surface
• Curved annealed: frit on any surface

DIMENSION: 3200 X 10000 mm  /  126" X 394"
(For larger dimensions please contact us )



Curved annealed: enamel on any face, either concave or convex 

Curved toughened or HS: enamel always on concave surface