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Cridecor® Color Vanceva®

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Cridecor® Color Vanceva®

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Cridecor® Color Vanceva® is a safety laminated glass with a broad range of color and design possibilities. The combination of different layers of 0.38mm (0.015”) thick PVB, creates a palette of more than 600 colors, both transparent and translucent.

Cridecor® Color Vanceva® offers the same excellent technical performance (acoustical attenuation, UV protection and safety characteristics) of that of CRICURSA’s standard laminated glass. It is also feasible to insert a pattern-printed polyester layer, resulting in a wide variety of creative and unique designs.



1. Glass
2. Color PVB

General Details


• Clear float o low iron: the best colour matching is achieved by using low iron glass. This way we avoid the interference of the clear float glass greenish hue.

• Double-glazed

• Annealed: avoiding thermal treatment will enhance the look of the lamination.

• Heat strengthened and Toughened: to avoid a coloured mottled effect it is highly advisable not to use heat strengthened or toughened glass. The roller waves generated by both thermal processes end creating different pressure areas in the lamination.


DIMENSION: 10000 X 3200 mm / 394” X 126”

(For larger dimensions, please contact us )

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