Curved Glass

San Jose Civic Center


Crislan® California, is a curved double-glazed configuration with a solar control interlayer laminated on the outboard of the IGU. The product is based on the high performing XIR 72-47 coating.

Tight bends are getting more common in singular architecture. When we come across glass structures with small ra dii, along with solar energy efficient requirements, that Crislan®California plays a unique role.


General Details

Crislan® California's main feature is the way in which it selectively controls infrared solar energy, while retaining high visible light transmission. It is a soft coating that comes on an interlayer but not already applied on the glass, fact that opens a wide range of possibilities:

· Type of glass: it can be selected not only the brand but also the thickness and colour of the glass.

· Thickness: when the mechanical requirements are very demanding, any glass thickness desired (15 or 19mm for instance) can be selected, where most of the coatings of the market are not available.

· Tight radius: the glass will be slumped without any coating on  it as it will be added later in the process by laminating the XIR 72-47 interlayer, hence the coating is not submitted to the temperature of the bending process resulting in a higher optical quality.

DIMENSION:  2000 X 10000 mm   /  78" X 393"
(For larger dimensions please, contact us )