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Two types of digital printing are offered:
Printing on PVB
Printing on GLASS

Cridecor® PVB DIGITAL PRINTING enables the production of dramatic designs and lifelike photographic images in a laminated safety glass. Transparent Polyvinyl butyral is printed using high-resolution ink-jet printers with specially formulated UV-resistant inks. This technology is particularly useful when reproducing the subtle differences of a graphic image.

Cridecor® GLASS DIGITAL PRINTING has revolutionised the architectural and decorative enamelled glass, both flat and curved, opening new horizons in the precision of production, speed, colour range, patterns, shapes, forgetting about the known drawbacks of the traditional silkscreening process. The inks used become part of the glass during the tempering or annealing process, enabling lamination and bending feasible getting outstanding results.

1. PVB
2. Ink-jet Printing PVB
3. Glass

General Details



PVB Digital Printing

• Available in single laminated glass or double glazing

• To accomplish best results, it is advisable to use annealed glass. The use of toughened or heat strengthened glass can result in a mottled effect of the image.

• Extensive monocolour prints may experience localised clouding caused by pigmentation shifts

• High resistance to UV rays

• White ink can also be offered although just for interior applications

• Recommended artwork quality: 300dpi, CMYK or b/w; full size (1:1)

• Preferred formats: .TIFF, .JPG, .EPS, .AI

• 10mm (3/8”) bleed

DIMENSION: 10000 X 2400 mm / 393” X 94”
(For larger dimensions, please contact us )


Glass Digital Printing

• Total freedom in pattern design and colour

• High precision and sharp printing

• Opaque ink, with light and solar properties as the ones used in traditional screen-printing

• Perfect solution for applications with changing patterns

•  Frit face:
- Curved Annealed: any surface
- Curved Toughened / Heat Strengthened: generally on concave surface although new frits have been developed to be applied on convex face.

DIMENSION: 10000 X 3000 mm / 393” X 118”
(For larger dimensions, please contact us )