Curved Glass

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Non-reflect - Crisunid®, Circumstances such as glare, reflection, light transmission and overall aesthetic quality are key factors in choosing the right type of glass. Conventional laminated glass will reflect light on both, the front and back viewing surfaces, by around 8% in total (around 4% from each surface), this figure rising up to 15% in the case of double glazing.

Non-reflect - Crisunid®, unlike ordinary glass, drastically reduces distortion, reflection and glare, providing a clear and sharp view bringing materials and objects to life.



General Details

Non-reflect - Crisunid® provides a soft neutral blue residual reflection of less than 1% and a viewing experience through the glass that is virtually distortion free. Important to point out that, under specific viewing angles and natural or artificial lighting conditions, a slight reflection may be seen by the naked eye. It is advisable that a sample is viewed in the desired location to analyse which of these factors may be present in each particular application.