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Metalscreen - Cridecor® is a new laminated safety glass incorporating polyester meshes, manufactured from metal deposits (aluminium, titanium, copper, gold, etc.) that uses the latest technological advances and provides solar control and privacy functions, as well as an unrivalled aesthetic value.

While the external side of the mesh has a shiny metal layer, which reduces vision from the outside, the internal side of the mesh is black, providing a neutral view to the outside. The wide range of densities of Metalscreen Cridecor® mesh, with apertures from 25% to 70%, as well as thicknesses between 140 and 260 microns, allow the designer to play with the sections, transparencies and reflections to always achieve the desired look. Metalscreen Cridecor® enjoys high energy-saving benefits, with “solar factor” values from 28% to 62% and “light transmission” values of 22% and 60% accordingly.


1. Safety interlayer
2. Pet Mesh
3. Glass

General Details


Glass type
In both, flat and curved versions, for exteriors the glass will always be toughened or heat strengthened.


• For interior applications, Cridecor® Metalscreen is available from 4+4mm (5/32”+5/32”). 

• For exteriors, the thinnest composition advisable starts from 5+5 (3/16”+3/16”) toughened or heat strengthened.

• The copper-containing metal coatings (CU, AL/CU) are no longer available as an inlay for laminated glass. As an alternative, a printed “Gold” and “Copper” like solution is offered. The appearance is very close to real copper-containing metals.


DIMENSION: 10000 X 2350 mm / 394” X 92”

(For larger dimensions, please contact us )


Cridecor® Metalscreen offers the opportunity of using four types of mesh apertures: