Curved Glass

Forced entry glass


Crimaza®: glass + polycarbonate. Crimaza® combines the high resistance of polycarbonate with the resistance of glass to cutting, abrasion and heat.

This glass is indisputably the best choice for protection against physical attacks, since its toughness makes it practically impenetrable. Crimaza® protects against attacks with hammers, axes, picks and other tools commonly used to break conventional security glazing. 

Crimaza® provides maximum protection with no need for bars. In the event of an attack, if smashed, the glass continues to be impenetrable, and stays put. It is not necessary to replace it immediately, since the glass stays in its place. In addition, Crimaza® sets reduce installation costs, since they are less thick and less heavy than glazing with the same properties using glass-only structures. 



General Details

CRICURSA, pion began producing reinforced glass with polycarbonate in 1982, under license from Sierracin Transtech, worldwide leader manufacturer of high-security glass. Crimaza® is manufactured using the most advanced technologies, which ensure optimum laminating quality, through sophisticated cycles of controlled pressures levels and temperatures. This is the same process used in the arms and aerospace industries and it helps to provide a maximum security device with maximum optical quality. 

CRICURSA’s quality management system is backed by its UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 certification. CRICURSA’s reinforced products are tested in official and independent laboratories in accordance with EN, UNE, BS and ASTM standards among others. Crimaza® compositions are tested in compliance with the UNE-EN 356 and UNE-EN 1063 standards for the BR-1S and BR-2S levels. They are subjected to ballistic and accelerated-ageing tests, as well



DIMENSION CRIMAZA® 205: 2000 X 3000 mm / 79” X 118”
DIMENSION CRIMAZA® 145, 185, 238: 2000 X 4350 mm / 79” X 171”

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