At the Beginning

Alejandro Sasplugas Moré and Fernando Figuerola Tutusaus founded the company in 1928. Barcelona was, at that time, preparing to welcome the world’s fair, for which Mies van der Rohe would create his legendary pavilion. Cricursa’s first job took place very near to that icon of the modern world: the glass of the lamps at the Montjuïc fountains.


A New Start

Now it was time to bring new abilities into play. The company perceived an increasing demand of new bent glass solutions and set to introduce them everywhere.


Design and Rise

The use of curved glass, which was beginning to be as its peak by then, coupled with the company’s ability to provide made-to-measure solutions to architectural and constructive needs.


The New Generation

The company started developing its manufacturing technique to produce rear-window and spherical mirror street signs.



Some of the milestones in the company’s history started being manufactured during the eighties, such as the newly engineered bulletresistant glass, Criblind® which was launched onto the market in 1984 or the curved and flat solar control glass Crisunid® California.


A Step Forward

CRICURSA’s aim of providing efficient answers to the market’s demands brought into existence a team of engineers ready to fulfil specific design needs. The technical department set the company as a leader in the bent and laminated glass sector worldwide.


The Future

The company will continue focusing on creativity and innovation with the same passion for design that has been present throughout its history.