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Thin Translucent Marble Laminated - Crimar®


CRICURSA’s laminated glass product combines glass and a thin veneer of translucent marble. Crimar® is an elegant and exclusive product which combines the warmth and style of natural stone with the security of laminated glass. 

Technically, Crimar® is the foremost product of its kind available on the market. The patented lamination process uses non-organic interlayers to bond marble and glass, so as to avoid potential delaminating in the future. It is resistant to UVs which prevents discoloring and yellowing of the lamination. Crimar® is always manufactured with annealed glass. Tempered and heat-strengthened glasses cannot be used. It comes in two versions: laminated and double-glazing. Different marble types can be used.

1. PVB
2. Glass
​3. Crimar® Bonding Interlayer
4. Marble

General Details

Low iron glass is used to enhance the beauty of the stone’s natural color. 


DIMENSIONS: 1000 X 3000 mm / 39” X 118”

(For larger dimensions, please contact us )