Wave / Cave – Milano Design Week / Italy, 2017 / SHoP Architects


"Material Immaterial"
We are thrilled to have been invited to do our part at SHoP Architects’s exhibit WAVE / CAVE, providing curve glass entrance balustrades for the large sculptural terracotta enclosure which, as per the architect’s concept “invites visitors to pause and reflect, one at a time, on the hectic speed of our world”

Terra Cotta Fabricators: NBK Keramik
Structural and Electrical Engineers: Arup
Steel Fabricators and Installers: Metalsigma Tunesi
Lighting Designers: PHT Lighting Design Inc.
Lighting Supplier: L&L Luce&Linght
Curbed Glass Supplier: Cricursa

General Details


City / Country
Milan, Italy

SHoP Architects