Curve Ball: How the Manufacturers View Curved Glass / By Katie Brown

USGlass, Metal & Glazing | October 2018

Manufacturers hear a lot of the same requests from architects. The most popular question? “How big can you make it?”. Joan Tarrús, global marketing director of Cricursa, says that they can deal with requests for glass larger than 20x10 feet. With glass this large, he says it can be hard to find solar control and low-E coatings to fit the glass, as well as keep their equipment up to date to take on such challenges. 
“Nowadays, the sophisticated structures allow for larger and larger openings and, with it, the glass industry is challenged every now and then. Today, to the trend of delivering laminated XXL glass (larger than the EU jumbo size 20 x 10 feet) we have the challenge to add solar control and low-E coatings,” says Tarrús.

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