Liquid Skin Features in Light<>Made Exhibition / [email protected], 29-30 May, Madrid

Liquid Skin, a collaborative project between CRICURSA and the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), is currently on show at [email protected] around Spain as part of the Light<>Made exhibition curated with Materfad.

[email protected], a global exhibition that focuses on innovation in architecture and the exchange of knowledge and ideas, was at CCIB Barcelona over 13-14 March with a theme this year of "Light & Architecture". 


Liquid Skin, a seminar run by IAAC as part of the Masters in Advanced Architecture program, explored the integration of liquids in curved glass assemblies and surfaces. The seminar, coordinated by Edouard Cabay, set out to embrace liquids in their different states and their potential applications in architecture when married with curved glass. In the context of Light<>Made, Liquid Skin also plays with the relationship between light, material and space. 



The resulting piece - special-curved Crislan® - was a culmination of several different student projects, prototyped and fabricated at CRICURSA using a combination of ceramic moulds by Ceràmica Cumella and metallic moulds by CRICURSA - making the project an experimental meeting place for world-renowned Catalan artisanship. 

Light<>Made will show again in [email protected], 29-30 May 2019, IFEMA Madrid.